2 PACK | A perfect mix

Mixing materials in packaging  leads sometimes to surprising results.

Our  ‘2 PACK’ comes out from the combination between paper with plastic, classic with modern, automation with hand made work. This is an innovative packaging made of thin PVC and through colored Fedrigoni Paper.

To make this product available for purchase in small quantities ( 500 pieces ) we are developing a line ready from stock : one size  in 6 or 7 different standard colors . ‘2 PACK ‘ will be on sale soon in our online shop with the possibility to be customized in 1 color with offset technology or hot foil .

Starting from a minimum quantity of 3,000 pcs, ‘2 PACK ‘ is 100% custom made. People can choose: size / color and material of the inside paper / color of the stitching. Even graphic can be more complex.


Please contact us via email for any further information or to receive a free quote .


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o chiamaci :  +39 335 7000519

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