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An emerging brand in the world, producing home fragrances has chosen to pair with our SACCONE a FOLDABLE BOX made of solid cardboard.

These boxes should contain a peculiar heavy glass bottle containing the fragrance; for this reason we used an high thickness cardboard to give maximum consistency and value to the packaging. Cardboard was laminated with a natural uncoated white paper, chosen to obtain a visual basic and natural result.

This Box is very easy to set up since it has a particular bonding of the bottom system that allows the box to go from flat to formed with a simple movement.

The ” link” between Box and Saccone is an eye-catching gray color that gives it a modern and essential look.

Our FOLDABLE BOXES are fully customized starting from a minimum quantity of 500 pcs;

Do not hesitate to contact us for info and quotes:

or call us : +39 335 7000519

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