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Our big bag called “saccone” is an innovative shopping bag designed and produced exclusively by packaging specialist .

It is a paper bag/sack with an innovative handle. Thanks to it people can easily carry and crumple the bag in the upper part , giving the product an essential and vintage look .

The size is a “one XL size” , which well suit to any type of use.   Size: 30x18x45 +20 cm

Starting from 1.000 pc the “saccone can be produced on any paper support, from conventional kraft brown/white/coated papers to through colored special cards . We are already working on fabric version too .

It’s printable on 100% of the surface  up to 4 colors , with offset, silk screen or hot foil printing technology .

Thanks to the great success of our “saccone”, and in order to meet every all customer’s needs in terms of quantity and delivery time , we decided to offer it in some standard colors in our e-shop.

The personalization in hot foil over handle  is ‘ included in the price . Just for  the online-shop  version , the cards used are  finest through colored papers . Valuable material and the strength and crispness to  touch, allows that nice vintage look of crumpled paper.

buy standard versions here!

buy here!

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