LE BUSTONE | Original gift envelopes

We are still here with another of our unconventional packaging solutions!

In response to many requests from our customers, we have designed and produced a collection of innovative gift envelopes .

It is a flat envelope with a double layer: outer plastic, internal paper, held together by a seam. The customization is done through the use of an round, square or rectangular adhesive label.

The cards used are through colored. The size we choose ia a one size fits all, 35×50 cm (perfect for knitwear, jeans, pants, shirts etc..). For those who need a smaller package of course we can also create customized sizes, but taking the standard size an bending back on itself  can ‘be the fastest and cheapest solution.

Available colors are many, and there will be soon new entries!

For the minimum quantity of 500 pcs the “bustone” are available for purchase in our online shop. For larger quantities (starting from 1,000 pcs), and for many other possibilities of  customization, please contact us by email and we’ ll be happy to offer you the best solution and price

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