LE RISVOLTINE | Reusable shopping bags

LE RISVOLTINE | Reusable shopping bags

The ” RISVOLTINE ” is our new collection of bi-color reusable shopping bags, made ​​with two sheets of fine pulp colored paper.

Colored cardboard reinforcements and seams make this shopping bag ultra-resistant and they also give a tailoring touch.

Durable, reusable , huge 20 cm wide bottom ! Use it every day.

Ideal for all uses . We can also provide it without handle and with a lower heig  to make them an excellent packages for panettone or or other cakes or take away food .

Customizable in 1 color with the logo of your business starting from a minimum of 250 pieces !

Minimum order quantity: 250 !

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further info

Not enough?

Order them online or contact us to bring customization to the max!

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or call us : +39 335 7000519

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