The tag applied on our luxury paper bags is made with a 1 mm thickness cardboard, coated with the same paper with which’ the luxury shopping bag is manufactured so as to have the maximum homogeneity.

Tag is fully customizable in offset, digital or hot foil print

Tag is useful to differentiate product lines within the same production of bags; for example, to distinguish man from the woman, or emphasize certain events such as Christmas or St. Valentine …

In addition of  being an extra element of personalization, to apply a tag keeping the shopper unchanged, allows a significant reduction in costs as it costs much less to change a tag than the graphics of the whole bag.

For example, if you still have a lot of paper bags in stock, rather than ordering a small print run for an event, you should buy only the tags. You can then apply yourself  to the bag.

Contact us to get more information about it, and we will be happy to offer you the solution that best suits your needs

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