Paper bag with seams | SACCONE DELUXE

paper bag with seamssacco in carta cucita

Paper bag with seams | SACCONE DELUXE BLACK

SACCONE DELUXE is a paper bag with seams and card handle. The on in the picture is the basic standard version that you can find in our shop

Saccone Deluxe is a long-lasting and reusable shopping bag, maybe it is our most innovative and full of design item. The most peculiar thing of our saccone deluxe is the handle, made with a strong pulp colored card, with the possibility to roll the upper part of the bag to close it.

Saccone deluxe has a flexible construction concept so:

  • you can have different sizes, we can meet almost every size request.
  • we can produce small quantities
  • we added seams on both sides, so we encreased resistance and at the same time we added another possible customization option, that is the color of seams
  • you can have logo on the lower part of the bag or on handle
Our saccone deluxe was made to be used into fashion shops or food/cackes shops. Perfect as a gift packaging. Bottom can be enlarged until 30×20 cm, so it can easily contain big items

SACCONE DELUXE is available in many standard colors. You can choose color of seams, just ask us to send you via e-mail our color chart. Handle is very resistant and available in 2 standard colors: natural brown and black. If you need customized colors for handle, m.o.q. is 1.000 pcs.

This, as most of our products is a RESISTANT – REUSABLE – 100% ECO – MADE IN ITALY packaging

We use a tested mix of fine papers with unique features that guarantee an exceptional tear resistance, giving “fascination” with everyday use, without losing strength and resistance.

You can purchase Harlequin shopping bag in standard variations in our ONLINE STORE, but if you need to change color, size, applications, contact us!

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