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“What are:”

I Riccioli are paper backpacks with drawstrings which close pulling the strings, curling themselves in the upper part. The distinguishing element is precisely the drawstring that serves both as shoulder straps and a closing system .


They are made of havana stretch paper sewn to fine pulp colored paper, a patented mix that gives a soft, crisp, resistant, tearproof material with a vintage/used look.  A 100% natural product that with everyday use takes always different shapes and nuances; use it, reuse it, mistreat it, and it will always be more beautiful


This article has been conceived as a giveaway packaging for clothing or shoe shops, for events, press days, Thanks to its practicality, resistance, ease of access to content and comfort this backpack is particularly suitable for trade shows!
This drawstring backpack is an extraordinary package for the products ut it becomes an appreciated gift to customers, and an exceptional advertising vehicle since it lends itself to being reused over time


1 shoe box
5  catalogs A4 , 3 cm depth each
1 pair of trousers + 1 shirt
1 coat


Material: As abow described. Available in 15 different paper colors

Customization: customer logo can be printed in 1 color with silk screen technique.  Max  logo dimension 25×20 cm. If you need to have your logo printed in more than one color we have to check feasibility. Send us an e-mail and our customer service will check your logo for free and recommend you best options.

Shoulder straps: standard length of each string is 210 cm and it is tested to  perfectly suit every tipe of body. Shoulder straps are available in beige/black/white. Other colors are available starting from 1.000 pcs.

Closure: to close the backpack just pull strings and put it on shoulders. Only during the first use it can  be necessary to pull the strings with force to soften the paper on the top of the backpack.

Sizes: this backpack comes in a one size:
large 34 x  height 45 cm
The backpack is flat, so takes its shape by filling it
Effective volume: 33×43 cm

Strenght & durability : it can carry up to a maximum of 5 kg. It has been tested / mistreated, carrying the maximum load for a period of 15 days without encountering damage that could compromise its use. Please avoid copious amounts of water (with 2 drops nothing happens) and to put inside heavy+oversized objects.



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