In this post we talk about a new model that we will soon include in our online shop: The postman

This is a bag made with 2 layer of super strong reusable paper , sewn together with a top quality tread.  You can ‘choose the preferred color combinations even differentiating the exterior color from the inside one. In this case we have combined an optical white paper to a tan-colored recycled paper for the inside

The logo was screen printed in 1 color

The shoulder strap Is made with a fine webbing of thick cotton that allows maximum comfort. The seams are white to match the outside but can be in many other colors according to your taste.

The size for this shopper is just 1!

We can change the color of the paper, of stitching and logo. The straps are available in three basic colors: black / white / brown

Minimum purchase 250 pcs.

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  1. Nik 26 August 2016 Reply

    I would like to arrange for some samples to be sent out to me please.
    I am specifically interested in 1 of each of the following
    • Cement Bag XXL
    • TYVEK Bag (largest one available)
    • Saccone Big bag black
    • Net Bag
    • Cement Bag clutch
    • Cement Bag baguette
    • The Postman

    Can you please advise on how to arrange these samples, shipping them to Western Australia.
    Thank you

    Kind regards

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